Child With Autism

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According to Rezendes & Scarpa (2011),“Recent estimates of the prevalence of autism suggest that the disorder is increasing, with as many as 1 in 110 children diagnosed with an ASD in the United States”(p.1 ). Every 1 in 110 child is being affected with autism, which means every 1 in 110 parent/caregiver are also being affected as well. Autism brings extra challenges to everyday life such as; the extra needs that need to be met, inappropriate behaviors to be dealt with, and struggling to understand the child and their needs. These are all factors that can cause a parent of a child with autism anxiety.
Raising a child with autism can affect more than just the child, it can affect everyone involved, especially the parents. Raising a child with autism can take a toll on a parent's mental health and can cause the parent to exhibit anxiety. The level of severity of the child’s autism has shown to also lead to more sever anxiety in the parent. Considering some autistic children are unable to verbally communicate, this can
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These are all factors that can cause a parent of a child with autism anxiety.According to Rezendes & Scarpa(2011), …The lifetime prevalence of major depressive disorder may be higher in the parents of children with autism than parents of children with Down syndrome. Mothers of youth with ASD also report experiencing excessive anxiety. In another study, nearly half of the parents of youth with ASD were found to be severely anxious, and nearly two-thirds were found to be clinically depressed” (p. 1). These findings show the vast amount of parents with autistic children that suffer from anxiety. Raising a child with autism can be a tasking challenge, but also rewarding. With support and help through certain coping methods this anxiety can be kept under