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Title: Children Behavior: Single Parent Homes VS. Two Parent Home
Thesis: A child’s behavior starts from how they are brought up in their home.
I. Once in every child’s life they encounter issues
II. It can be difficult for a single parent to provide for their children.
III. A child often stress about their parents stressing.
IV. Sometimes living with both parents could be more than a hand full.
V. Living under the same roof as the parents could affect child’s behavior.
Children Behavior: Single Parent Home VS. Two Parent Home
All around the world, children have the same aspects of life. Depending on how they are brought up, some children achieve the goals they set. Others have a totally different environment they are brought upon and don’t achieve their goals. Once in every child’s life they encounter different types of issues. Either they have issues with parents, a single parent, or even sometimes neither.
Having only one parent in the home can be very difficult. The parent has to work extra hard to maintain the bills and make sure they provide for their children. This can be very stressful on the child because they will feel like the mother or father has to do so much on their own and knows that the parent is stressed out. That causes the child to sometimes feel that they should do anything so help the parent out. Sometime when the child tries to helps out, it don’t be the right way of going about things.
Sometimes being a single mother with a son can really cause problems because the son would be missing the father figure that’s needed in their life. Meaning that they wouldn’t have anybody to show them how to actually respect a lady and teach them the basic role of being a man. Agreeing to the fact that both parents should be in the child’s life it can be ruff either way. Children often stress more than parents when living under