Essay on Child's Modest Proposal

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Megan Criggar
K Campbell
English IV AP-8
1 April 2015
A Modest Proposal The story of Rapunzel was a fairy tale of a princess locked away in a high tower by a witch claiming to be her mother, an early show of parental abuse against children. Though it ends beautifully happy and the witch was not actually her mother, she believed herself a mother and used love as an excuse to lock Rapunzel away and be wrong to her. Is this how children should see the way parents should treat their children? Children learn and act with experience and watching the ones they look up to. The witch was The witch, though. I have a feeling any abused child would rather be locked in a terrible tower than deal with the hardships they endure with little to no rebuttal. The witch was no strike to the face with a fist balled up tight or the harsh words meant to send a child to a bullet or noose. No, that witch was no terrible assault, changing (ending) the life of a precious young soul that loves even with every bruising blow, every mind corrupting word. Call me biased, for I have experienced such abuse myself, but I have a proposal to fix these abusers and users. A proposal to both help the child seek their revenge, the revenge they must all hold somewhere deep down inside, and punish poor, pathetic parents of whom deserve everything their child throws at them-literally. With such proposition comes the consideration of the child's choice in punishment and the level of offense against the beautiful young person. Do understand that, unfortunately, not all children hold such a grudge against the offender and some have just too much love and heart to hurt someone whom they, imprudently, still find to be their loving caregivers, so not every person accused of child abuse and harm will be punished in this such way, but simply just thrown in jail to deal with other legal offenders, known to have no tolerance for child abusers. I'd like to think that the main cause for verbal abuse is the mouth it comes out of. Anyone can think of a million hurtful things to say, but without the ability to say it, type it, or write it what harm can these thoughts do to someone? They can not do anything. I propose that the parents who verbally abuse have their mouths sewn shut in order to keep themselves from being able to fill the minds of innocent children with thoughts of worthlessness and their fingers taken away from them by knife or metal string to prevent writing or typing