Childbirth and Bath a Body Essay

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Unit 3 Terms
|Key Terms: Unit 3.01 |
|Term Definition |
|General terms |
|prenatal development- The development of a zygote, embryo, and fetus before birth |
|Hereditary influences |
|hereditary -All traits passed down from one generation to the next (e.g., eye, skin, and |
|hair color) |
|chromosomes -A threadlike structure that carries genes in living cells |
|genes -The basic unit of heredity; genes carry all the characteristics that will transfer from parent to child |
|Dominant traits-Traits that always show in a person even if only one gene of the pair is |
|inherited for the trait |
|Recessive traits-Traits that typically do not show in a person unless both genes for the trait |
|are inherited |
|Cystic fibrosis-A hereditary disease that results in secretion of thick mucus that blocks |
|internal passages, including those of the lungs, causing respiratory infections. The pancreas is also affected, resulting in a |
|deficiency of |
|digestive enzymes and impaired nutrition |
|Birth defect-An abnormality, present at birth, that affects the structure or function of the |
|body and may threaten a baby’s health |
|muscular dystrophy -A progressive weakness and shrinking of the muscles most commonly inherited |
|sickle cell anemia- caused by inheriting defective recessive genes from both parents, more commonly occurs in African-Americans |
|PKU (phenylkentonuria) -A condition in which the body is unable to process and use a specific) protein that is present in nearly |
|all foods |
|Tay-Sachs A genetic disease that principally affects those of Jewish ancestry, marked disease by an accumulation of certain fats in|
|the brain and nerves resulting in brain damage, loss of sight and brain functions |
|Down syndrome- A genetic disorder characterized by a broad skull, blunt facial features, short stature, and learning difficulties; |
|caused by the presence of an extra chromosome 21 |

Key Terms: 3.01 continued
Term Definition

Environmental influences environmental- Things and people in a person’s surroundings (ex. mother’s health, family, friends, home, community, life experiences) over-the-counter- A medication that can be purchased by anyone off the shelf at the pharmacy medications without a prescription