Childcare: Day Care and Middle Class Essay

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Child Care One of the biggest challenge working parents have to face today is finding affordable child care. According to how much is it, the average monthly cost for child care in the state of Kentucky is between 355 and 505 dollars, (par. 5). Even though Kentucky is considered to be one of the states that has lower child care cost, the state of Kentucky’s income is much lower than other states. The latest Consumer Price Index figures (released in April 2010) show that in the last 12 months, child care costs have increased by 12%. This may seem disturbing to parents because a lot of the working parent’s income is going into child care. While our income has stayed the same, the cost of child care is going up. According to the Circle of Moms, “in the past 10 years, the cost of child care has increased twice as fast as the median family.” Only when our government steps in and takes action can the issues be solved. Child care for the working parents should have some kind of government funded program. The only requirement should be that the child receiving the care has parents that are employed. Yes there are funded programs for child care, but the requirements barely meet the needs of the middle class. There needs to be some kind of program so that the middle class can receive help. According to a 2010 study by the National Association of Child Care Resource Referral Agencies, “a center base daycare for two children is indeed more expensive than rent or a mortgage payment.”(Armstrong, par. 4) Should child care cost more than what it cost to pay for a roof over your head? According to how much is it, “for a single parent of one child who works a standard forty-hour work week, at an average of eight dollars per hour they will gross 320 per week.” (par. 8)After the average of a 150 dollar deduction a week for child care, they are left with about 170 dollars per week for meals, transportation, housing, and taxes. Even in a family with two working adults these expenses can be unmanageable. For parents with multiple children, these expenses and weekly rates are not decreased per child. According to how much is it, a parent with two children will pay an average of 300 dollars a week, (par.5) This only leads to more parents quitting their jobs and staying home because the cost is just too much. If they are only making an average of eight dollars per hour, their whole entire check will go to daycare. I think that is when they ask their self if it is even worth it when they can stay home with their children and know that they are safe and being well taken care of. When the parent chooses to simply quit working it leads to increasing the welfare payout, or they may have to look for less qualified providers for their children just to save a few dollars. Many will argue that child care is an investment just like any other, such as a new car or a new home; these expenses are to be expected when conceiving a new child. Financial circumstances can change without control. Sometimes we have unexpected troubles that we may not have planned to happen. If a parent is suddenly forced to take a new job with lower pay, the weekly child care price does not change. It is impossible to plan out your finances from the time a child is born until the reach maturity. The careers are limited that allow the parent to take the child to work with them. Very few employers have a day care center at their work. Most of the time parents cannot simply afford the cost and are unable to continue working, which leads to them being forced to use the welfare system. Parents who were opposed to public care would still be able to seek care elsewhere. The public care system should be made available to parents who need it but in no way required. The public centers should offer an adult-to-child ratio that encourages the best opportunities for development in a safe setting. Providers should have good credentials; have routine drug screenings and criminal