Childcare: Eating and Adults Role Essay

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Unit 11: Children’s learning through everyday experiences 1.1 – Everyday experiences * Going for walks * Helping tidy up * Eating * Getting dressed * In the garden 1.2 – What children learn from everyday experiences:
Going for walks (Parks and Shops) * Counting the steps they take to the park, the red buses, cars, houses they walk past and birds * Colours; Front Doors, Cars that drive past and flowers e.g. daisies, roses and petals * Safety; e.g. Not speaking to strangers, learning to cross the road, holding hands and not picking up litter.

Helping tidy up (Housing) * Sorting toys by colours, different sizes and shapes * Knowing where things go e.g. cabinets, shelves and toy boxes * Texture e.g. different feels of toys: such as cuddly toys, soft toys, clay books and sand * Moto Skills; Sweeping, Polishing, Washing Up and Mopping.

Eating * Different Taste of foods e.g. Sweet, Sour and bitter * Temperatures; Hot and Cold * Different Textures Of food e.g. soft bread,
Hard cookies and creamy ice-cream * Eating correctly e.g. different cultures eat with their hands,
Knife and forks and chop sticks.

Getting dressed * Learning how to dress appropriate for the weather when it’s hot, cold or warm * Different textures of clothes e.g. silk, soft, Velcro, leather and cotton * Learning names of clothes and labelling their body

In the garden * Growing healthy foods e.g. carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes and apples * Safety; keeping sharp things away from reach, knowing the names of the equipment for e.g. buckets, spade, fork and soil * Growing flowers e.g. sun flowers, roses, petals and daisies.

2.1 - Describe the role of the adult when children are involved in everyday experiences

Going for walks: * Holding the children’s hand at all times * You need to watch them so that they don’t hurt themselves or pick stuff up from the floor * Teach them to interact with other children

Helping tidy up: * The adults role is to make sure that they help the children pack away all the heavy things * Also they need to make sure there’s no sharp or small pieces of stuff laying around ( avoiding accidents ) * The adults role is to help the children’s/child sound out the toys or colours of the toys they put away

Eating: * The adults role is to try and encourage the child/children’s to eat healthy foods * Also to teach them the names of the foods they are eating * The adult’s