Childcare: Education and Free Flexible Schooling Essay

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TDA 3.2 (1.1, 1.2, 1.3) Part 1Produce a flow chart outlining the structure of education from early years to post sixteen. Add an explanation of the entitlement of early year’s education and characteristics of different types of school.Flow Chart outlining structure from early years to post 16 years[pic]Early Years Foundation Stage (eyfs)In the education system of this country children do not have to attend school until they are 5 years old but at the age of 2 years children can attend pre schools and from the age of 3 years families are entitled to 15 hours of free flexible schooling where they can choose which days suit them best to send their child to a pre school of their choice with no charge as this service is funded by the government. Early years providers have to follow a structure of learning and development which enables children to expand their experiences and knowledge through a range of tasks and activities and develop their social behaviour through play. All registered early years providers must use the eyfs to ensure that all children receive the same structure and are given the same opportunities regardless of social background, religion etc. the eyfs work closely with parents to make sure that they are constantly informed of their child’s progress and to ensure that the equal opportunities policy is in place so that the welfare, learning and all round development of children is guaranteed and to make certain that children with special educational needs,