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Assignment 23 Task C a Give an example of an observation method you use in the setting.
An observation method that I use in my work setting is sticky notes when the child is playing and we notice they have done something different our new for example holding up and toy dog and saying “dog” we then would write it down on the post it notes with the date the child’s full name and the name of the member of staff that wrote the note. We will then use this to help us with their reports and they will be put into their picture book each month.

Task C d. Task D e. What other multiagency workers can you work with other than a SENCO and speech therapist? Why would you involve them?
Other multiagency workers you would work with are Play specialists this can help both the child and the parents have fun around people that have the same disability as them and not be embarrassed about it I would involve them so the children and parents can have fun together and make friends .
I would also involve colleagues from the child’s nursery setting room as they will be doing reports and observations on your child so they will be able to keep track on your childs development and get use activity’s to help your child’s development

Task D a. Explain how communication and speech problems can affect literacy?
Communication and speech problems can effect literacy because there would be a loss of c communication and they would not understand what you are saying .so they would find it