childcare level 3 unit 5 E1 Essay

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Unit5: E1

describe the responsibility of the practitioner in professionals relationships.

As a practitioner its our responsibility to make sure that we work closely with families in order to create and maintain a professional relationship. We create strong levels of communication and trust by speaking to the childs parents on a daily basis (especially in nursery) and keeping any information we have about a child or a childs family completely confidential unless its vital for it to be passed on eg. A safeguarding issue would require the passing on information to other members of the settings multi agency team. In order to maintain professionalism the information we do get must be kept confidential and must stay between the appropriate people for instance a child with a specific learning disability any information given must stay between the child's parents, appropriate staff at the setting if not all, SENCO any outside agencies involved with the child i.e. doctors. The settings SENCO officer “are responsible for coordinating provisions for children with special educational needs” ( Bruce 2010:479), This is so that everyone works together professionally and co-operates to ensure that the child’s needs are being met.

Another responsibility of the practitioner is to well plan with other members of staff within the setting so that everyone is fully aware of what’s happening within the setting and has ideas of how to support the children whilst doing that activity if required, for example by working with all members of staff within that year group ensures all the children in that age group will be covered by the same areas of the curriculum and are at the same stage of learning. A good example of this is school trips, when I was in