Childcare: Nutrition and longer Period Essay

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Unit 3
Task 2b
The individual has a good health at the moment, but if he stops smoking completely and if he eats his 5 fruit & vegetables each day his health would get so much better and healthier.
If he gives up smoking his breathing will be much better and he will be capable to do more sports and for longer period of time. He could exercise more than he should, he only exercises when he wants, but he should really exercise everyday even if it’s only for half an hour, it all counts.
He would like to be able to sleep for the right amount of hours he can, because when he doesn’t get enough sleep he gets a bit moody and he doesn’t like it when he’s moody because it ruins his whole day, but he struggles to sleep, because of a condition that runs through the family and there’s nothing that can help him. Also at his age he should get as much sleep as he possibly can, because he’s always doing something and he gets tired easily, but if he gets into the right sleeping patterns he wouldn’t be that tired anymore and it would make him be able to do more things.
This individual’s diet is not that good really but it’s not bad either. But he eats a lot of home cooked food instead of eating a lot of junk food, he does eat junk food but he knows when to stop and he knows when enough is enough. But there’s one big problem with this individual! You’re lucky if he eats one fruit or vegetable a day, and at his age he should be eating as much healthy food as possible if he wants to live…