childcare unit 1 E1 Essay

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Describe how each of the types of settings identified in E1 aims to support children and their families:
For this part of my assignment I will describe each setting (statutory, voluntary and private sector) and how they support the children and their families.
Here is a brief explanation of what the settings mean:
Statutory: - require governments/local authorities to provide them with funding.
Voluntary: - funded by charities, most of the funding comes from donations.
Independent: - do not rely on government funding and do not have to follow national curriculum.
Private:- these are a profit making service

Support the children basically means to care, nurture and educate the children well during their school days and learning environment/setting.
These settings aim to support children and their families by providing the children with an education, treating them all equally and are there for them for any help and support that the children may need.
It helps support the children’s families as well by offering them any extra help they may need with their children and making sure the children are secured in a safe learning environment so that there are no worries for the family that the children will be unsafe whilst at school.
Each setting may choose to support the children and their families in different forms for example an independent and voluntary setting doesn’t have to follow the national curriculum so they can choose to help support the children and their…