Childfree By Choice Analysis

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Childfree by Choice
The first cried of a newborn baby are sounds many people never hear. An article titled “Childfree by choice” by Kelly J Welch explains the reasoning behind life without children. There are many things that factor into making the decision to not have children. Without having a child to depend on you, you can have more freedom of responsibility, more time to further your career, therefor there will definitely be more money in the bank. There are a multitude of reasons why people choose to live a life without children, but that is a personal choice that must be made between two people. While some people have the privilege of choosing, some are forced into a childless life due to health risks. Some individuals view being childless as a “self-indulgent” act, but I feel that is not the case in most situations. The plan to conceive a child is a big one and it is understandable that some people make the decision
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Without even telling anyone I could get up right now and go to Italy, without even thinking twice about it. Could a mother of two say that? No; she would not be able to pick things up and just go. Children are a huge responsibility and once you become a parent, you are no longer only responsible for yourself. You are responsible for a whole other human being. I’ve never had a child so I can never understand how much responsibility that is, but I can understand that my mother was a single mom with three children, do you think she had any down time to herself? Raising a child consumes the rest of your life, even as they grow they will always call mom and dad for help. Kelly Welch explains that there are few studies that help understand why people are childless, but I can only infer that most people are just too busy for a child. I agree that children take up way too much time and if you think that you can produce a child and have spare time; your