What Is The Health And Safety Policies And Procedures Of The Work Setting

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CU1512 Contribute to children and young person's health and safety
1.1 Outline the health and safety policies and procedures of the work setting.
There are a number of legal and regulatory requirements that helps to protect children and adults in any setting.
Since 2008, all early years settings in the UK have to comply with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) . This covers every aspect of the welfare of childre in all early year settings including:
Suitable people
Suitable premises and equipment
In addition to the Early Years Framework, health and safety legislation sets out legal requirements to keep everyone safe in different situations.
Relationship Boundaries
In the interest of safeguarding children and protecting themselves, staff should establish and maintain the correct boundaries in their relationships with children, their parents/carers and each other. Staff should also not show any favoritism to any particular child/children or family. Staff should treat everyone (including each other) with respect, encouraging team spirit. Relationships outside of the work place with parents/carers are not encouraged. If a member of staff has any arrangements for babysitting (with parent/carers or for them) this should be notified to the nursery manager, who then would ask the parents to sign a disclaimer to disassociate the nursery from all responsibility.
Uniform Code-
The Nursery provides a uniform to create a smart image, and to identify all staff members to all our families and visitors it also allows the children to see us in the uniform and feel safe, they also can recognize you from your uniform alone as they a bright colors (Green, Blue and Pink). This minimizes the chance of having a security incident. All staff and students are to ensure they remain smart in their appearance, they are expected to agree and make sure they keep to the dress code. Staff and students need to be aware of their behavior whilst wearing their uniform, both in and outside of work
Behavior/ Attitude/ Lifestyle- All staff should take responsibility for their role in the nursery and act in a professional manner at all times We should act as role models to children and parents/carers, staff should be approachable, polite, and respectful whilst in the nursery. We must be fit for work, When we are working with children, it is a very demanding physical role which involves a great deal of energy, awareness and concentration.Staff should not report for duty under the influence of drinks or drugs. Staff should ensure they are not suffering physical, emotional or mental issues that would affect their ability to perform their duties
Mobile Phones or photographs- To ensure the safety and welfare of children in our care, we operate a personal mobile phone usage policy and photograph/ images policy which stipulates that mobile phones cannot be used in the presence of the children, and that photographs may only be taken with permission. All mobile phones will be kept in a secure place throughout the working day as mobile phones are not to be taken into the nursery itself they should be locked in your locker or in the office. Mobile phone calls may only be taken at lunch time when not on duty and not in front of children If their is a personal emergency, you are free to use the settings phone or make a call from your mobile in the main office. Staff need to ensure that managers have up to date contact information.Under no circumstances should any material including photographs taken on the nursery premises be placed on any social networking sites. In the interests of safeguarding children and protecting ourselves as practitioners, if any of the above are not agreed to or have already been done, the manager will be informed.
1.2 Identify the lines of responsibility and reporting for health and safety in the work setting.
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