Kid's Nutritional And Health Survey

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Kid’s Nutritional and Health Survey
Analysis Chart

Did you have break-fast today? If yes, what? If not, why not?
What vegetables did you eat yesterday?

Do you exercise? How often?

What foods give you the best energy?

Do you think you are healthy? If yes, why? If not, why not?

Is your family healthy? Do you think they have healthy habits?

How do you know what foods is healthy and what is not?

How many hours do you spend on a computer/T.V daily?

Do you think your diet affects your grades?
Is there something you really love to do, a passion? Do you think you could do that if you weren’t healthy?

Do you think the food you eat affects how you feel, your mood?

Do you think that where you live affects your health? Why?

Kid’s Nutritional and Health Survey

During the development of the survey that I’ve created, I made different question that related to the diet, nutrition knowledge, physical activity and overall health of the target audience, which by the way are children from the ages eight to thirteen. After analyzing all fifty surveys, I graphed each answer and question that each kid wrote. With this analysis I plan to discuss and create a program that will help kids to eat healthier and be more active.

During the first part of the survey I asked whether they have breakfast or not, only a small percentage of children (12%) said that they didn’t have any breakfast at all, saying that they didn’t have any time or because they didn’t like eating anything in the morning, but most of children said that they did eat breakfast in the morning, being cereal the most popular choice.

The second part of the survey asked what vegetables they ate yesterday, almost half of the kids (45%) answer that they didn’t have any vegetables yesterday, but in the other hand, most children (55%) answered that they had some kind of vegetable yesterday, being carrots and corn the most chosen veggie. The other question talks about what’s the type of food gives them the most energy, being candy (32%), drinks (24%) such as orange juice, soft drinks, milk and water the most chosen.

The third part of the survey asks whether they exercise and how often they do, a small portion of the answers given from the kids (12%) said that they didn’t exercise at all or that they only exercise occasionally, but for the most part, they put that they exercise everyday (12%) or once a week (21%). The next question talks about whether they think they’re healthy and why. (77%) of the kids said, yes, they were healthy; followed by some kids (7%) that said no, they weren't healthy; and 15% said they were ‘sort of' healthy. The not-healthy kids blamed the consumption of junk food. The next question asks whether they know if their family is healthy by following a healthy diet.80% of the kids said that their family was healthy; 11% said their families were not healthy; 8% didn't know if their family was or was not healthy. 78% of the kids said that their family did have healthy habits; 15% said they did not; and 5.3% weren't sure. The next question asks if they know what food is healthy and what is not. 29% of the kids said they went by ingredients, 2% went by how food made them feel, 9% said they looked at preparation to decide. 34% looked at the kind of food (vegetables were almost always healthy, as an example). 14% looked at other things, like if their Mom bought it for them, it must be healthy-I heard that one quite a bit) and 9% didn't know.