Childhood and Feisty Children Flexible Essay

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Flexible, Fearful, Feisty Children
Flexible Children are described as kids who are generally easy-going, and are great at adapting to new situations. They are kids who are used to a routine, and are easy potty train as well. In another perspective, they are the Gemini of children; quick to adapt and generally cheerful with low intensity. Having this type of child onto a flight should not be too difficult at all. However, since they are generally used to a routine, it might seem bizarre to the child for going on an airplane. I would definitely recommend the caregiver to bring something for the child that will remind him of the usual routine, perhaps his own blanket or his stuffed animal to give him comfort in case the child does feel insecure. If this type of child does start to cry or give a tantrum, I would definitely use things like games on a mobile phone to keep him distracted.

Fearful Children are described as kids who processed the characters of being slow to adapt, as well as having withdrawals upon dealing with a new situation. They are the kids who tend to be quiet and conservative, while observing and assessing the situation prior to heading into the situation. This does not mean, however, that they are not curious, they are just naturally slow to adapt. To have this type of child on a flight, I would recommend the caregiver to definitely bring a comfort object that the child is used to, on the plane with him. Moreover, while booking the flight, arranging the window seats will be a good idea since the baby would have to deal with less people, as means to keep him away from too many stimulants.

Feisty Children as described as kids who are very active and intense, as well as giving full participation on the thing he is interested in.…