The Development Of Childhood

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Childhood “Moooo,” she said as she jumped over the moon. She slightly pierced her baby toe on a little shinny star right before landed on cloud nine. A child’s imagination is their way to escape from reality or ponder the future to discover what they would like to be when they grow up. A childhood’s journey is an unforgettable and exciting experience. Childhood can range from birth to adolescence also known as a teenager. Childhood is a time period to have fun and learn as you develop. Infant also early childhood is the early stage in growth and development ranging from birth to two years old. These years are crucial for different types of developments as far as physical and social-emotional. Most people do not remember when they are this age but they learn so many things while in this stage. We learn the natural physical growth like opening our eyes and moving our heads left and right. It all depends on what were taught by our parents and how fast we were able to catch on. Everybody doesn’t learn the same but if you start at this age things will be much easier as you grow older. By the age of one most babies are able to walk and maybe say a word are two. On the other hand some may be able to craw or hold their bottle’s by themselves. I think the middle of childhood can begin at the age of four through seven. This is about per-school age when they learn more form observation by experimenting and communicating with other kids. Adult supervision is needed at this time because you don’t need kids picking up bad habits from the older kids. I think this is a good way for kids to learn and gain new friends. If they can get along with kids you don’t have to worry about them being shy or antisocial with others as they grow older. I’ve seen it to be true that kids with brother and sisters in the house hold with them are able to learn and pick up