Childhood: Childhood and Social Competence Essay

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1. This article tells how teachers can better understand children social development in early childhood classrooms. It tell how if you carefully assess a child it will help the teacher know the children they a working with. Only by knowing the children can a teacher plan and effectively meet the need of the children. The more and more the teacher observe the better they understand the children’s social competence. The children abilities to be social may vary greatly However if a child fail to achieve social competence as a child it will affect them throughout life. During the day a teacher should
Observe children in activities
Document the strategies children use to play with others
Note the attempt The power of observation is a big influence on the understanding of children’s behavior. Some affective assessment methods are anecdotal Record, (a system designed so teacher can write down key information. Second is Rating Scale to rate the behavior. In last Video Record to get all the footage of what the children did that day. Assessing Peer Social Competence is also a great way for the teacher to get to understand children. The way children interact with other is also good way to understand the child social competence.` When teachers observe effective it enable them to plan the support children need. Educators should have regular assessment so they can share the information with families, and use is to support the child

I strongly agree with this article . All too often educators really don’t take the time out to observe children very well.