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What is early childhood development it is physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. This is a time when babies are born and they have very little skills or abilities to anything. It is very important when a mother find out that she is having a baby to get her proper rest and prenatal care. It is very important for the mother to go see a doctor as soon as she as she finds out that she is having a baby. The most important development and time for the newborn is in the early stages of life. The bond between a parent and child is the most important bond that should take place early on. And it has been noted that children who do not have this type of bond can have difficulty with thriving in their environments. With physical development it is based on patterns of physical growth and when one matures. And it also comes from genetic and human characteristics as well as abilities and neurological with this development it helps with the motor skills. Cognitive is the changing in a person’s thinking and reasoning and memory. Social-emotional to the changes that occur in a person's feelings, ability to handle feelings and situations, and moral ideas. And I think that the best early childhood teaching is to show the child how to express their feelings, social and emotional interaction which can be child play. When planning working with children you first must observe them so that you can lean their strengths, weakness, interest, fears and joys. This is very important because each child is different and you must be able to deal with them in a different way. Childhood depression is becoming a major issue. And it should not be taken lightly and if you think your child or one that you are in contact with is going thru this please get them help. Now it so many kids killing themselves because of this especially bullying. This happened because kids do not know how to hand the stress or issues they are having. Childhood depression and childhood development of 3
Lifespan go hand in hand because if the child is having problems at an early age and does not receive the proper help. This can lead to childhood depression and other mental illness.

Synopsis of the Lifespan Professional Interview
The topic that I will be talking with my interviewee about is Early Childhood Development and little on Childhood Depression. The person whom I interviewed was Mr. Darren White a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with children 0-5 and children and teens ages 8-16. Mr. White has been working with children with mental illness and behavior issues for 14 years now. And when I asked Mr. White did he enjoy what he did, he informed me that he would not change it for the world. Below you find a list of questions that I asked Mr. White. 1. What do you think is the hardest part about trying to understand children’s mind set? The hardest part is trying to get the child to open up to you first and let them know that you are there to help them and not harm them. Because so many of the kids have been abused and mistreated that it is hard for them to open up to you. (D.White Personal Interview August 2012) 2. Do you think that some of the mindset and the behavior of the children are biological? Yes because if a child lives in a negative environment which has abuse and neglect this can cause a lot of emotional and mental problems. This can cause the child to suffer from depression and panic attacks and even eating disorders. And sometimes the children even grow up to have violent behavior or some even turn to drugs. (D.White Personal Interview August 2012) 3. Can some of the way the children are acting come from when they were in the mother’s womb? Some of this behavior can especially if the mother did not take care of herself in the proper manner. A lot of times mother’s think if they get stressed it will not harm the baby but it does