Childhood: Family and Best Appropriate Words Essay example

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There is something about growing up that makes you were long for the simplicity of your childhood. Maybe it’s the ease of decision making or the difference of what money can buy. The recollection of the fun and amusement is like a sweet dream. My father was a manager and my mother was an accountant. They were busy working and have no sufficient time to accompany with me, but they usually told me,“ not having a good command of quality can be grievous obstacle prevent you from succeed.” So independent, sincere and extrovert were the best appropriate words to describe my character because I am they only child and conform my father’s word.

Loneliness was the imprint of my childhood, it engraved independent in my character. I usually solved the problem by myself when I confronted it and make a decision even if it is significant. For instance, I was ardently love toy but I was usually naughty to break it, I must fix it by myself because I do not have siblings. I usually cleaned up my room, washed little cloth, and bought some food that was my favorite by myself. Usually when I wanted to decide which food should I buy, which toy is cheap, I must talk to myself and decide it. So I was gradually developing independent because I am they only child.

My father usually told me,“ sincere is of strategic importance for me to associate with other people”. This word was gradually branding my heart and had a deeper influencing on my character. I must be sincere to make friends with other people because supposing that I was hypocritical or cheating my friends, they would away from me. For example, if I appointed with my friend in a park on Sunday, but I play computer games with other people on Sunday. My friend would not believe in the future and want to associate with me. So I must be sincere to make friends because I am they only child, I do not have