Essay on Childhood Independance

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Childhood Independence

It its always a good idea to use routines with your children because it teaches consistency, which children need in their lives. It gives them a routine that they can always deepened on to help know what is expected. A common routine that should be taught to all children is a set bed time. When children have this consistency it helps them get the rest that is needed to fully function the next day. It opens the opportunity for story time, which is good to help strengthen their language development and adds to the bond between parent and child. Two responsibilities that a child is ready to take on at the age of 4-6 is learning how to be a friend and developing important life skills. When children feel confident in something they have accomplished ( ex. setting the table ). It makes them feel proud, specially if the parent contributes to the praise for a job well done. It gives the child a feeling of personal growth, making it more easier for them to have the confidence to take on more tasks (ex. making the bed).
To help children learn how to solve problems with a friend or sibling is it important to teach them to not use aggression. Teaching them that by using their words to describe their feelings is always a better approach them hitting, shoving or pushing.
An aspect of a social situation that they may face that wasn't mentioned in this article is, bullying. It is important for the children to know that bullying is out there and to teach