Childhood Obesity 1990 Essay example

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Healthier Child: Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity
Ashton Garner
ENG 122
Professor: Joyce Pierce-Yamahata
December 16, 2013

Childhood Obesity: 1


Obesity has become a very serious issue in most homes of today’s society. People are

So obsessed with eating fatty foods, and foods that are high in cholesterol that being

Healthy is only a myth. People that were once thin and healthy are now adapting to their

Surroundings, and is causing a domino effect. More now then ever our youths of today

are being influenced by their peers, family, and environment to eat unhealthy. Foods that

we’re once considered healthy, are now replaced with things such as chips, sodas, and

candy. Healthy foods are boring and are “A waste of time”, on the other hand unhealthy

foods are fun and convient. Children who have tried to exercise daily and get into a

health zone have giving up mentally because they feel there’s no need when the adults

that are glutting are viewed as role models. In America you hear that thin is in but

for some children that’s just not the case. Some have been over weight as long as the

beginning of time. It is said from Barack Obama Memorandum on Establishing a Task

Force on Childhood Obesity (Feb.9, 2010). Numerous studies finding a relationship between children television viewing and obesity have led many to argue that advertising “unhealthy” food products causes children to adopt eating habits that lead to obesity. This longitudinal analysis of the relationship between television viewing and child hood obesity Numerous studies finding a relationship between children's television viewing and obesity have led many to argue that advertising "unhealthy" food products causes children to adopt eating habits that lead to obesity. I read where President Barack Obama has made plans for The First Lady Michelle Obama will lead a national public awareness effort to tackle the obesity of children. She will encourage involvement by actors and non profit, and private sectors as well as parents and youth. Task Force on Childhood Obesity (Feb. 9, 2010). I will use the resources available to research materials that are fact and true to prove my research of childhood obesity. I want people to learn how important this deadly disease is in our Childhood Obesity:
Childhood Obesity: 2

Because in most families they have to work which means they can’t keep an eye on

everything their child eats ever minute of the day. As parents when we grocery shopping

we buy food that our children can prepare for themselves until we get home like chips,

cookies, candy or soda’s to name a few.

Some families are single parent house whole so they may have to work two jobs to

make ends meet. These families tend to have snacks for the children and other fun things

that will keep the children inside while they work, like cable television, video games,

computers, high technology cell phones or other fun things to help baby set their children.

The youth don’t have the energy or drive to go out and play, because what they like in

right in front of them. In 2005, the institute of Medicine declared