childhood obesity Essay

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On any given day we as people come across advertisements in 500 million different forms a day to entice us to want or desire the product they’re offering, on the internet, listening to the radio, watching television, shopping inside department stores, even just walking or driving down the street they’re confronting us. By using female and male models usually advertisers are telling us what we should do, what we should want and desire and how we feel if you don’t attain those products. Most of all, I see the advertisers using genders as an outlet to attract certain audiences. Advertising agencies spends millions of dollars on how they depict male and female models in stereotypical ways to attract a broader audience. In the magazines I choose for this essay like Vogue and cosmopolitan those ads use top models and expensive props to stay in trend in pop culture today. We as consumers look at these magazine ads and it make us desire to have these things and can create a cultural idea of what the genders’ role is or how they should act. Traditionally men and women in magazines decades ago were stereotyped gender roles to what society wanted the consumers to think how it should be, men the dominant and powerful one, and the women submissive molly homemaker, todays times have changed as I search for ads noticing women as they’re depicted as the reverse role to the powerful and dominant one in the fashion ads. Some of the fundamental techniques that advertisement companies use is positioning of the models and props when designing their advertisement to attract more viewers. In an ad for Vogue advertising Burberry their bodies are more in a sexual position, dominant on his part as he wraps his arm around her neck, his hand slightly touching her thigh with one leg up as if it is effortless to be sexy and desirable, and he manipulates the position to portray power on the contrary she is the one actually holding the power. She is posing as if she enjoys being taken control; however she is allowing him to hold her that way while she is embracing him. She is also in the forefront of the shoot covering most of his outfit while perfectly selling her outfit with her seductive pose and alluring eyes. This advertisement is saying you can be sexy, attractive, desired, powerful, and successful in these designer clothes. Also, by using beautiful people helps create a connection with the product and the consumer because by buying this might make you feel as beautiful as the person in the ad. This advertisement is for both male and female audiences but, the female is the dominant one. In contrast, there was an ad in the National Enquirer for cigarettes with a couple portraying to be happy. Both male and female were cuddled up on the beach under the moon light. She was leaning in on him and he had his arm around her shoulder, covered up by a blanket enjoying each other’s time with cigarettes in hand. There was no dominant person in this ad, both seemed to be equal. Both advertisements are alike because they models are in intimate settings although one ad is very more powerful with their body positions giving a strong posture and giving some attitude, yet in the cigarette ad they are laid back carefree, and looks like they’re enjoying their conversation happily. The last advertisement I want to discuss is from Cosmo as well as they use a male and female music artist as models advertising makeup. This ad is very rock and roll themed with the female model almost crawling on the motorcycle with her breast very exposed, her back arched so her figure looks voluptuous and desirable. Even though she isn’t in the center of the frame her positioning seems to be more dominant maybe, because she is in the forefront and majority of the shot is on her. Now the male is standing behind her flexing his muscles holding an oversized lipstick prop. His position is to support her and the product. Even though this ad is selling makeup the sex appeal stood out