Childhood obesity Essay

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The childhood obesity epidemic is on a constant rise in America. Obesity affects a child’s health and puts them on a path for developing many health issues as they get older. I want to give kids healthy food options that they can prepare by themselves. Instead of fatty chips and cookies the kids will be able to prepare not only healthy but tasty snacks in under 10 minutes. This instructional video will demonstrate to the kids how they can make their own food and it will influence them to make healthier decisions.
The Goal
The topic is child obesity. I chose it because close to 17% of children and teens in this country are obese. Obesity at an early age can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. With America being the fattest country this is a very serious matter and I wanted to help out with rising epidemic. The severity and prevalence of this condition in children, could lead to complications and diseases like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, and cancer. With the rapid rise in childhood obesity those diseases are likely to strike people at younger and younger ages and I think it is a topic that needs to be urgently taken care of. "Obesity is such that this generation of children could be the first basically in the history of the United States to live less healthful and shorter lives than their parents," said Dr. David S. Ludwig. Hearing that from the director of the obesity program at Children's Hospital Boston, really got me thinking and I don’t want that to happen to my generation. I really really want to help with this topic and see my peers live healthier lives that will make them happier as well. I know that it will take awhile to lower the childhood obesity rate and that every child’s body is different but we must start somewhere. My video is a step in the right direction. It can be shown in elementary schools so kids can have an idea how to not only be independent and make their own food but it’s also good for them. I can connect with this topic personally because I have a younger cousin who is maybe just a few pounds overweight which sometimes makes her insecure. She is active in numerous sports but her eating habits are not so great. I asked her to help me with this video so that it will inspire her to eat better and she can see that eating healthy doesn’t always mean eating vegetables.
The area of interaction for this topic is Health and Social Communication. The instructional video is communicating to the public a healthy solution for an after school snack.I think that children and teens are at risk for many diseases that are usually prone to adults. We have to tackle obesity sooner than later before half of the population's children become obese. Many of schools around the country have employed new health restrictions for breakfast and lunch and even in the vending machines. The schools are using the area of interaction to provide healthier eating choices for their students. In several states the obesity rate has actually lowered a bit. While doing this project and researching about childhood obesity this AOI has changed me. I have become more aware of the things that I eat and I have tried to get my family to develop healthier eating habits as well. It has also changed me in the way that I see people differently. Obese people to be more specific. I now see that it may not always be completely their fault that they have become that way. Changing the way I think about those suffering from obesity