Childhood Obesity Essay

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Aaron Orozco
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Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity is an epidemic in America as many children are overweight or obese, and parents and advertisements are to blame. Although advertisements do have some responsibility for child obesity, parents are the most to blame for buying unhealthy food. First, parents are at fault for the purchase of healthy and unhealthy food. For instance, when a child goes with their parents to the supermarkets, it’s more likely to buy more unhealthy foods because a child these days wants only snacks such as chips, soda, hamburgers and everything that is called fast food. In fact, parents end up buying them this fast food because it is easier and faster to prepare.
Furthermore, parents have the final decision. When they say no, is not and their children need to respected and parents should not change their decisions only by compassion. For example, children are full of innocence and if their parents tell them that something is not good for them, the result is that they don’t believe and think that just telling them that, to no buy what they want. This occurs in most cases, but parents need to teach and monitor their kids more. This way, children can start their healthy path for their lives.
In fact, it’s true that parents can be busy. They work a lot and don’t have time to cook at home. As a result, parents take their children to go out to eat and they choose fast food. As Tracy Stanciel article says, “Parents are responsible for the food that they purchase for their child.” The reason children want all this is because advertisements make it interesting. Stanciel also argues, “for including toys in their Happy Meals that make kids want to eat unhealthy food.” When children see that the advertisements put a toy in the food or they make the label colorful, all this things attracts a child’s attention to make them want to have it. However, parents are still responsible. According to Stanciel “Parents have a choice and they choose not to make it because they don’t want to make their child unhappy.” They should stop buying