Childhood Obesity: Annotated Bibliography

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Hi Dee, Thank you for your response. I am glad that my annotated bibliography was clearly explained. As a school nurse I am very pasionate on educating my students on the prevention of obesity, heart disease, diabeties and the importance of physical activity.

School nurses have a close interaction with children in the school setting: 98% of children attend school and half of their time awake is spent in a school environment (Schantz, 2011). This proximity and influence can change the effectiveness of a school nutrition program – making it either successful or not based on the nurse’s level of involvement. Nurses are already dealing with the symptoms of childhood obesity, including: asthma, childhood diabetes, and mental health issues related to obesity, such as bullying or depression
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In the beginning of the school year children in our elementary school are weighed, measured and their BMI is calculated. I inform parents of their child’s results, whether they are below the 95%, above the 95% or at risk for obesity. I work not only with the parents to provide information and educate them regarding the risk factors of obesity but also with the students. I will engage students in a healthy eating club and meet with them on a weekly basis. Student are taught about their hearts, how it functions, risks of not eating properly and due to lack of exercise. Students are also educated on the food groups and how to prepare healthy well-balanced meals and snacks. Students are encouraged to join the walking club with our coaches, limiting their T.V. time and playing outdoors, along with taking a walk in the evening with their parents. Classroom teachers are educated on rewarding students with non –foods items and to limit classroom candy for only special occasions. Healthy heart lessons are also provided to all the students throughout the