Childhood Obesity Essay

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Katie Maney
HCA 415
Community & Public Health
Dawn Tesner
October 8, 2012

Throughout the years, many changes have occurred in our society and one of the most surprising and growing trends are children’s sizes and weights. More and more children are coming into doctor’s offices with multiple health issues that all relate back to their weight. For some children weight is not an issue and everyday lives continues on, but for the children that struggle with their weight on a daily basis are at risk for multiple health issues now and in the future. According to an article written by Elizabeth Smith in 1980 an average of seven percent of children in the six to eleven year old category were overweight and the rate of overweight
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Americans will have to do this by implementing healthy eating, exercise, continue with school interventions and healthy life styles. Parents will have to be role models to their children in hopes of supporting the health of their future. This goes hand in hand with healthy people 2010, objectives 22-6 which states that proportion of physically active adolescence. This can be done easily by adding sports, after school activities and regular cardiovascular workouts to improve the youth health. The last important goal of health people 2010 has to do with the psychological being of the child. This is objective 18-2 which states to reduce the rate of suicide attempts by adolescents. Most children that are teased, bullied, or who are socially challenged are at higher risk for attempting suicide. For those people that believe that the inequalities of obese students are being displayed, this is an area that needs research and guidance for children to have an out and feel welcomed (Clark, 2008). Unfortunately there are healthy inequalities among obese children in the United States. Health inequalities are a breach of justice because not only do they effect early life deficits they can seriously jeopardize a child’s opportunity to achieve important dimensions of