Childhood Obesity Research Paper

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The Affect of Physical Fitness on Children with Obesity Childhood obesity increases at an alarmed rate over the past years, and there is no way of slowing it down unless actions are taken. Obesity puts children at a high risk of developing serious illnesses. Prevention can be achieved by following an appropriate diet, and participating in physical fitness. This topic was chosen to determine if there are any nursing interventions that can implement and decrease childhood obesity. The studies were also specifically chosen to determine the nursing interventions that assisted with preventing childhood obesity. One of the most important nursing prevention for this topic was to educate parents and children about obesity and the steps to take to prevent obesity. The clinical question is: As for children, what are the best nursing interventions that implements physical fitness and exercise to decrease childhood obesity?
Discussion of the Search
The database used for this research project was CINAHL Plus with Full Text and MEDLINE with Full Text. These databases both focus on nursing and health information and it was very easy to search for articles. CINAHL Plus alone contains more than 730 nursing journal articles and MEDLINE contains more than 1,400 health journals. CINAHL Plus was chosen due to it containing a
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These keywords were chosen because the topic focused on childhood obesity and how to prevent it through physical fitness and exercise. Both CINAHL Plus and MEDLINE contained many heading that allowed for many keywords to be placed. Both of the databases also contained an advanced search option to narrow down to specific nursing journals. The results when searching by each keyword was a lot more then 27,000 articles, but with the combination of keywords it narrowed down to 20 different