Children: Causality and Peers Essay

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Children’s behaviour has changed dramatically within the last 25 years. Within the last twenty five years there has been a decrease in discipline from children`s elders. It has caused children to have a change in behaviour. Today in society there are not as many rules set for children to follow as there was twenty five years ago. Rules and chores such as cleaning your bedroom or washing the dishes are not being followed, and the parents are not forcing the children to do so. The children are becoming comfortable with having their elders do their chores for them, which causes them not to realize that this is wrong. There is an increase of poor supervision as well, causing the children to rely on themselves for learning and support. Parents or guardians that leave their children home unattended conclude to inattentive children. If there is a lack of warmth and support, parents lack behaviour management skills as well, causing their children to follow in their footsteps and become ignorant and rude. Children start to look up to their peers and themselves, not knowing the right decisions to make in life causing them to have unethical bad behaviour and may conclude to getting into bad circumstances they were not taught about. Another example of a decrease in discipline is disciple in wrong ways. Parents that do not have a good parent-child relationship because they do not care, causing mental and physical abuse result in abusive and out of control children. The parent has no