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Domain | Examples of children’s development seen at playsession | Ideas/suggestion for experiences | Areas of development these experiences support and how the development will be fostered. | Physical | In the playsession, the children that I saw they were playing with a variety of instruments and the skills were used were gross motor skills and fine motor skills. A child was holding a drumstick and hit the drum which is an example of gross motor skill as the child needs to coordinate their muscles to grasp the drumsticks and to move their arm to hit the drum.Also I watch a child drawing which shows fine motor skills as she is just using her fingers to grip hold a pencil to draw. | The experience the children learnt was that they need to move their arm to make the stick hit the drum to make a noise.And when drawing, they need to grasp they finger around the pencil and move their arm to draw a picture | This experience helps the children to develop more on using their small and large muscles to make movement. And to support this development, for gross motor skills kids can do more outdoor activities that make them run and make them use their muscles.To support fine motor skills the children could start writing small sentences to help them develop they small finger muscles. | Social/emotional | The child I observe she was easy temperament because she was approachable, easy to talk too and she was in a positive mood. The type of play she was playing was parallel play because she playing the drums with other of her peers. | The experiences the children learnt is that with playing with a mate can be enjoyable | Talking to the children more will help them develop to be more social | Language | When I was talking to the child, she could understand what I was saying when I asked a question she could respond back e.g. I would ask what are you drawing and then the