Children In Foster Care

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“Don’t allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not” Paulo Coelho. Foster care has two forms of foster parents, which is reunification and adoption. Once a child is abused and they are removed from their current home it ends the cycle of growing up and continuing the cycle of abuse. The opportunities that will be shown to the children in foster can be so much more advanced than their current state of living. Children getting placed into foster care can be more rewarding than living with their biological parents.
There are two types of foster parents: foster to reunification and foster to adopt. The goal of foster to reunification is for the foster parents to take care of the children until the children’s parents are fit to be reunified with their parents. Foster to adopt is for parents who will foster children with the intentions of adopting the children themselves or having another family adopt them. This is more commonly seen with younger children and with children whose parents’ rights have been terminated. The only less fortinet side to living in foster care, is that you don’t get to construct that bond with your biological parents, but most of these children don’t even have a healthy relationship with
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By removing the child from the household where the abuse is forthcoming offers the child the opportunities to get an education and focus on what doing what's best for their own self. Parents/guardians are getting affected because this opens their eyes and makes them realize that they have failed parenting. Completely removing the child keeps some of these parents that do the bare minimum work that is required to get their children back, but then they fall back into their old habits and nothing changes. It’s a waste of time for the parents, child and the social workers who have to deal with the