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The importance of exposing children to language, even very young children, cannot be emphasized enough. Children’s early language experiences influence many areas of their development. Language is best understood when modeled by caregivers who are attentive and talk to children in a warm, supportive manner. Children need to be talked to frequently with simple, exact words. Children learn language within meaningful contexts where adults name objects and describe what children are doing and feeling. Children, as well as adults, use language to communicate their needs. Children’s initial use of language is often expressed in their cries and sounds. As children grow in their understanding of language, their language becomes more distinguishable as words and phrases. When adults show interest in understanding what the child is trying to communicate, language is encouraged because the child learns their voice is heard and has meaning. This “give and take” is an early form of turn taking in communication. Children feel valued when adults respond in a positive, timely manner to their use of language. Adults also become language models by describing their own actions, introducing children to new words, and asking children questions. The use of books and pictures with infants and toddlers is an important means of language learning for children as they make sense of the world around them. Books and pictures should be available in sufficient number for both independent use and use by a caregiver with the children.