Essay on Children: Mobile Phone

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Children at the age of 10 now have something that most Americans didn't receive until they turned 16 or older. This device is as small as a credit card and has as much, or more, power as a computer. This device is something that most people can't live one day without, and has become more than just a means for communication. It is an important device for every day life, so much, that it has shifted from being a technological object to a key social part of life. We all have one, and it is known as the cell phone. Today, the cell phone is an emerging important tool for personal communication with social and cultural significance in society. We have become dependent on this device, originally designed solely for communication. These phones have now been woven into our everyday lives, and have changed the way we talk, meet, buy, sell, and even fight with others. With the introduction and increase popularity of cell phones and text messages, physical communication and face-to-face interaction has been substituted. Physical principle elements of human interaction such as body language and facial expressions are lost when conversations are held through text messaging. These facial expressions have been replaced with depicting happiness or a smile. Many people believe that texting runs the risk of affecting one's capacity to interact with each other’s face-to-face. We see many people choosing to text rather than have a real conversation to avoid awkward or emotional situations. Text messaging and cell phones have introduced a more convenient way to communicate but lack the emotion people need to fully understand a conversation. I can say that cell phones affect me every day. I do text many people a day and I do feel like I lose that personal connection with the person. I'm not right there, looking at their expressions and hearing exactly what they have to say. This sometimes changes the way a conversation can go. When you text someone, you are thinking the message in your head oneway, but the person that receives that message can interpret it a whole other way. This is another problem with text messaging. All people don't think the same way. This just complicates the situation even