Children Right.Three Legislation Essay

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First of all would like to mention the right of children and young people. Children and young people have the same right like as adult. Every child is unique and has the right to human dignity. In an early years establishment the practitioner can increase the understanding of respect between children, young people and adults. When people respect and understand children and their experiences, this help to create a better environment for them. Some may say that the family is the foundation of society. Children and young people have the right to be protected. The family environment contributes to the child’s development and personality. Every child should be given the right to live in a society in good health and receiving excellent care and protection. It is beneficial for children and young people not to be separated from their parent(s) or main care giver(s), but in certain circumstances this must happen due to neglect/abuse and or other factors. It is the parent or care givers responsibility to make sure the needs of the child are met.

Children (Scotland) Act 1995 is a very important piece of legislation in defining children’s rights. It focus on the needs of right children and their families and careers and intervenes when the child’s welfare is at risk. If matters are taken to a tribunal the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 can help to make cases for children and young people and will put the child’s needs, rights and wellbeing first.
The Scottish Government (2004) charter can assist children and their families by providing advice for them. "Child" means any person under the age of eighteen years old, and "family"carer includes any person who has parental responsibility for the child or children. Carer means the person the child receives care from in their home or in a care establishment. It is the job of the social service to intervene in certain situations that affect the child(ren). When the local authorities suspect that a child is suffering, they should follow the child protection procedures, that have been put in place. The social work can apply for a court order if issues are not resolved by other methods. The job of the social work services is to assess the needs and wellbeing of the child or children concerned. Social Service can help to improve children and young people’s situations with support from the families or carers.It maybe necessary for other organisations to be involved as well as the social work services. The authorities have the right to decide which are the best methods support for families or to ensure that families have access to all the services they require that are available locally that will benefit them.

Then Education (Additional Support for Learning) Act (2004) describes the child or young person as having additional support need. The child and young person can acess extra help and support within an educational. If the education authorities have determined that the child or young person requires additional support plan must be prepare for the child or young person. The Act (2004) imposes responsibility on the education authorities and other agencies to provide additional support for children and young people who have barriers in their learning. The Education authorities may be given support by different outside agencies, it will all come together as various networks frequently work in partnership with one another. Education authorities can monitor the development of