Children Say No To The Chinese Parenting Style

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Anna Garul
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WA #2 Children Say NO to the Chinese Parenting Style

Children should not be raised using the “Chinese Parenting Style” because it can develop test anxiety in children, which can negatively affect their lives. Chinese parenting style known as an authoritarian parenting method uses shaming and punishment strategies, which lead children to the physical and emotional stress. Amy Chua states that Chinese parents strongly believe that their children can perform outstandingly if they work hard and that bad grades at school can be fix through shame and punishments. My mother, who used the Chinese parenting style, believed that for better performance on finals I required a shame encouragement. According to her systematic speeches, bad grades on high school finals would not allow me to enter into any college, which automatically would turn me into a stupid, miserable, and desperate woman with no future. My only option would be to become a cleaning lady with an alcoholic husband who would be regularly beat my disabled, mentally sick children and me. There would be no hope or escape. Not surprisingly, that life scenario scared me to death and stuck in my mind before tests. I felt scared and panicked. This emotional stress turned into a physical stress during exams. I had a high temperature, nausea, headache, and dizziness. I even fainted during my physics test. The fear of failing on tests with all those potential consequences