Children Service Medication Guidance Essay

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Health policy

If a child becomes unwell I need to write symptoms and contact the parents.
In emergency I will call the hospital or they GP.
I should not take care of a children sick or infectious.
I will report some diseases and occurrences to Osted, Riddor, Enviromental Health and public health authorities.

Storage of medication:
Keep medication in a safe and correct way out of the reach of children.
They must be clearly labelled, out of the way of food and in fridge if it’s required.
Make sure they are stored in its original container and never decanted.
Check the expire date and make sure I have the sufficient amount for the time the child is with me.
Check the name on the medication.
Administration of medication:
Medicines must not usually be administered unless they have been prescribed for a child by a doctor (aspirin only from this one), dentist, nurse or pharmacist.
The must be administered only with a written permission from child parent and/or carer.
Check how much is to be given and wheRecord keeping
A record must be kept each time a medicine is administered with name of the medicine, dosage, time , date and child’s parents and/or carers must be informed.
Record must be kept if I forget to give a dosage and parents/carers must be informed.
Check and record if there are any side effects.

Keep an accurate, up to date record of all medicines the care service administers to a child while they are in the care of the service.

The medicines record should include:
• name of the medicine as stated on the dispensing/product label
• strength of the medicine as appropriate
• form of the medicine, for example capsule, tablet, liquid
• quantity of medicine, for example quantity received, quantity given
• dosage instructions, for example one tablet to be taken three times a day
• date of record, for example date medicine received or given
• time of administration
• signature and name of the person making the record
• reasons why a regular medicine is not given as prescribed, for example child refused the medicine, medicine was not available.
Services need to record adequate information for children with complex medication…