Essay about Children of Men by P.D. James

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Author and Importance of her work

Phyllis Dorothy James (1920 - ) is one of the greatest English novelist of all times, and unquestionably, the greatest mystery writer alive. She is often compared to Agatha Christy because of her mastery to accomplice suspense and to make the reader addictive to her stories, but the fact is that her writing goes higher than that. She has said that her influences include Jane Austen, Graham Greene and Evelyn Waugh. Her first novel Cover her face became an unexpected success and her reputation rose instantly. Today, every book she publishes with her name on the cover sells millions of copies around the world.

The Times (one of the most reputed newspapers in the UK)
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But it is the world of a doomed society, because it has been more than 25 years since a baby has been born. In the year 1995, all of humanity has been struck, completely inexplicably, infertile.
Luke is killed while trying to protect Julian during a confrontation with a wild gang of Omegas. Julian confesses that the father of her child is not Rolf, but the deceased Luke. Rolf, who clearly thinks he should rule the UK in Xan's place, is angered at the discovery that his trump card — his effective sperm — does not exist; he abandons the group to notify the Warden.
The group head to a shack Theo knows of. Here, Miriam delivers Julian's baby — a boy, not a girl as Julian had thought. Miriam goes to find more supplies and after she is gone too long Theo goes to investigate. He finds Miriam dead, garrotted in a nearby house. Theo returns to Julian, but soon after Julian hears a noise outside — it is Xan.
Theo and Xan confront each other and both men fire one shot. The sudden wailing of the baby startles Xan, causing him to miss. Theo does not miss. He removes the Coronation Ring, which Xan has taken to wearing as a symbol of authority, from Xan's finger and seems poised to become the new leader of the Council and of the UK — at least temporarily. As the action ends, the other members of the Council are introduced to the baby, and Theo