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Children’s Nursing in Context 1. Paragraph 1: introduce what the essay is about; introduce the child and her family. Explain her reason for admission and describe her family structure.
A female patient, age 13, admitted with constipation, showing signs of anorexia, not eating a balanced diet, causing her bowel movements to become painful, leading to constipation and pain in her lower abdomen. Family’s diet involves fast food, ready-made meals and take-away.
*Reference: related to definition of anorexia, unbalanced diet and constipation.

2. Paragraph 2: explain the factors that could have implemented on the condition.
Diet- involves eating unbalanced diet, calorie counting, eating certain food preferred to the individual’s taste and starving.
*Reference: journal/article relevant to children developing certain diets where they eat only what they want/like.
*Reference: developing taste buds in growing children.
Media- children being exposed to certain type of body-image through TV, magazines and dolls/toys i.e. Barbie.
*Reference: statistics on media affecting body-image in developing children.
Socioeconomic status: Parents’ education- not educated with healthier meal choices and healthier lifestyle. Parents’ income/occupation: affecting type of food available to the family.
*Reference: statistics (if able to find) related to low income and anorexia
*Reference: how low/middle class/ low income affects family diets.

3. Paragraph 3: discuss the strategy that has been placed to enhance the child and family’s health and well-being.
Dietician came to see her and her family to see detailed overview of their lifestyle; educating both patient and family into healthier food choices and healthier…