Children's Outdoor Play Essay

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en Introduction

Every child is unique in their own way and I strongly believe that the environment plays a big role in raising the child. Studies show that PLAY plays the important role in children’s learning and development. Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852) believed that play was a highly significant activity and initiated an approach to learning in early childhood that offers children a wide range of experiences so that they could develop an understanding of their world and themselves. He also mentioned that will encourage children to discover things through the interaction with their environment.

A good physical and social skill is important to become a successful person in life. A child with good cognitive and social skills will
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From my observation and teaching the children in enrichment classes I conclude that children were very interested to go outdoors to play because the class teacher usually don’t bring the children outdoor and I had majorities of boys who physically fit and healthy. In addition the children were able to follow my instruction and cooperate well with me. According to Pauline Boorman (2003, 2007), “Through keen observation, sensitive interaction, timely guidance and careful evaluation, every adult can make a positive response to children’s movement, not just by setting up an environment and letting things happen, but by seeking opportunities to extend the experience of children.” After observing the previous activity, some of the children are able to identify colour and they are confuse in mixing colours and the children have issues in sharing and taking turns among their classmates. As a practitioner to support and extend their learning, I am reinforcing the activity again in outdoor setting.

Step 2: Interpreting Learning

From my observations I interpret and decided to make use of the children’s natural curiosity in mixing two colours to create one colour and using this opportunity to develop appropriate social skills such as interacting in a polite manner with friends, sharing, taking turns, and allowing the children to direct themselves throughout the