Essay on Chile Mine Collapse

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Chile mine collapse. (2010, August). Facts about the amazing survival story

When writing about an event like this there are many factors to consider about the audience. The first main factor would be in my opinion the potential relationship of the readers to the miners in the accident. You would have to consider that anyone reading the article might have a personal feeling or relationship with the information that is supplied. To not take this into account would be a good way to offend your audience and make them not want to read or even pay any attention to your article also future articles you may write in the future. Another key factor while writing this article would be considers how you would portray the incident to the employees as well as the management. When taking this into consideration it is much different then when they have no personal stake in the mine or anyone that was in the mine. You would still want to portray that the company is doing the best that they can to fix the situation as well as why it happened and how to resolve so that never happens again. Even though it might have been the companies fault you would want to not bash or hurt their reputation by reflecting a negative view from the incident. One of the most important factors in my opinion would be what is being done to help rescue the miners and to make everyone know that they are ok and efforts are going along as planned. This would help to comfort people with personal aspects in the accident as well to help the company to believe that they are doing everything possible to get the workers safe and help maintain their reputation.
The factors when thinking about the needs of the families of the miners are relatively simple. The families would need to know that they are ok in the mine and everything is being done to help bring the miners our quickly and successfully. This goes into if you put yourself into their position and just knowing they are ok and efforts are being made would help them greatly. You have to consider how hard and emotionally draining the fact of not knowing if they are alive and what is going on in the mine could be on the families. If you did not take this into consideration and ignored this fact the families could lash back and loose hope in anything that their loved ones would be ok and returned to them. Now when it comes to the needs of the employees it varies in different ways. Most to all of them would need to know that they are doing everything that they can to assist in the rescue and the efforts that are being made are right and well thought out. If you were to not do this then the employees could not only lose faith in the company which could affect their ability to work and stay with them. It could also force them to think less of the people in charge and to think well what if my family was in that situation there would be no help for them if we were in charge of the rescue efforts.
Before putting out the message I would sit down with my peers and ask them to help me to revise and maybe change things that they