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Chilean Workers
What are some considerations to remember given the different roles and principle in the audience? When a disaster occurs in a company, often times the perception of the accident may be portrayed exponentially negative per se, if the representatives of the company do not manage to "slow the fall" when giving the news to the people. While presenting the news to the audience, or those interested, related and/or involved with the accident, there are basic explicit considerations needed to remember. First of all, there are various audiences rather than one common solid audience. The representative in charge to delivering the facts and updates of the accident, in this case being the cave in of the Chilean miners, needs to focus on giving the bad news to the related families of the miners who worry every day and night when they're husbands , brothers, cousins, or fathers risk their lives to rescue copper and return to the surface with the mineral for the good of the company and to support their everyday life expenses. Concurrently, the representative must focus on delivering the news of the accident to the coworkers, former miners, of these victims of the cave in. If the news were delivered wrong to these coworkers, it may allude to their resignation in order to assure they will not accompany the victims buried 300 meters underground. The third and the last audience to take consideration when the world finds out about the disaster is the public or press. It is known that news reporters tend to escalate the turbulence of disasters to create interest in the public. For example, if a child fell from a 3 feet high ledge, the journalist may publish it saying, "hopeless child severely damages bones after an unfortunate fall from a 10 feet high ledge." It is because the history of these exaggerations that the company must consider how and when the news are told, what is told, and how it is told to avoid misinterpretations and suppositions. Any negative attacks to accident could lead to file suits and worst, the closing or suspension of the company for an undet ermined amount of time. As a result, the facts must be delivered positively, emitting hope to the audience that the survivors will in fact survive the catastrophe. First, the news need to be considerate and specific to the close relatives of the survivors. The families of the unfortunate miners are undergoing sorrow and suffering not knowing whether any instance, they may receive a call destroying all their hopes and prays to see their loved ones again. Thus, it is important for the company to stay close and communicate every minimum detail. As stated in various source regarding the Chilean mine accident, the company and the foundations in charge of handling the entire rescuing situation mentioned how they would send space-like food down to the miners, encourage them to sing songs of praising to help themselves to keep calm. Second, considerations need to be taken into account when giving the news to the coworkers of the survivors. The company needs to take great care in how they manage the message to