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Actual Events:
As described by The Casual Truth and the article “Over 30 Workers Trapped After Chilean Copper Mine Collapse”, on August 5, 2010, The Northern Copper and Gold Mine Facilities in San Jose, Chile experienced a catastrophic cave-in of one of their mines. There were thirty-three workers trapped and for several months and there was no definitive confirmation on the status of their health. Food and water was very limited yet they were survivors capable of adapting and overcoming their harsh conditions without giving up. There was a strong possibility that the ventilation shafts were still intact, which allowed them ample oxygen and aided in their survival. Rescuers began digging on August 6, 2010, only a day after the event occurred. On August 7, 2010, a second rock fall caused the rescue efforts to be delayed several hours. It wasn't until August 22, 2010, that the drillers finally made contact with the miners via a note that the miners had duck taped to the end of the drill saying, “The 33 of us in the shelter are well.” The note caused hope for all waiting in anticipation for news on the status of the men below the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, quoted “today all of Chile is crying with excitement and joy.” Amazingly the miners were in a 50 square meter area were they survived “on two spoonfuls of tuna, a sip of milk and a biscuit every 48 hours – causing them to lose about 8kg each – and extra water from tanks, drilling machines and ventilation shafts (Casual)” Many organizations such as The Federation of Chilean Mining Workers, The Confederation of Copper Workers, and even the president of Chile had gotten involved to determine the actual cause of the accident. Although today there has still yet to be a final determination in the actual cause of the incident, previous reports show that there were definite indications of a possible collapse from prior incidences.
Individual Family Face to face:
Our mining facility has suffered a cave-in on August 5, 2010, at our mine facility in San Jose, Chile. With our deepest sympathy, we regret to inform you of the tragic accident involving your loved ones. We would first like to extend our sincere regrets and apologies to you, the family members, personally for this incident and to let you know we are making every effort and sparing no cost to bring home your loved one. At this time we are working to find out the status of your family member and the other thirty-two men trapped inside. Rescue workers were on the scene within record time, and are already in action, through drilling holes in attempting to make contact with your family member. Once contact is made we will know more regarding the status of the men inside; with regards to how much food and water they have, and if anyone is physically injured. At this time we don't have any definitive information on what caused the collapse to happen, the only information we’re sure of at this present time is that there was a roof collapse