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New Code of Chivalry and Courtly Love for the 21st Century Through all experiences people learn lessons in which can help the make choices or rules that help them through life. Many people live their lives with trial and error. They make up different reparations of how they are going to live the everyday life. In order to help them, there should be order and some sort of guidelines in order to keep a good way of life. In this paper I will state just a few of rules or guidelines I think should be enacted in order to keep a better way of life. In my view, one of the things women should never do is say the words “You really didn’t have to.” Most women use this phrase when commenting on something that you really had to do in order to keep them happening. One thing I hate that friends should never do is date another friend’s ex. There are so many women in the world, there is no need to date your friend’s ex. The last rule should be that no adults are never allowed to yell at their kid when they are friends of the kid over. This code will prevent any friends of the child to feel awkward while the child is being yelled at by a parent. The first rule I would enact is I would never let a friend date another friend’s ex. I have seen this happen recently and it always makes things awkward. The guy who I will refer to as Caesar, still had feelings for this girl named Sammie. Caesar and Sammie were not seeing each other enough so they decided to take a break. The friend who stole the girl, who I will refer to as Stephen realized Caesar still had these feelings but knew he also liked Sammie. Stephen made up a plan that he would steal Sammie’s heart. He talked to Caesar and gave him advice what to do about Sammie. Caesar not realizing Stephen was just stabbing him in the back kept in good contact and often asked advice from Stephen. He went so far to win back Sammie that he bought her a dress and was going to surprise her by taking her out to dinner in this dress. All along while Caesar was talking to Stephen about advice, Stephen was winning over Sammie’s heart by bad mouthing Caesar. Ultimately, Stephen had to tell Caesar that he was now going to date Sammie even though it was against Caesar’s wishes and was not right of him to steal Caesar’s girl while Caesar still had feelings for Sammie. In this particular situation, if the rule was enacted then Caesar would have never got upset at Stephen. My second code I would enact is women would not be allowed to use the phrase “You didn’t have to.” I believe one of the most important things to do in life is to keep your girlfriend or wife happy. My dad once told me a great saying and it was this “If the woman is not happy, no one is happy,” and I must say he was dead right. I have learned this through my own experiences with my girlfriend. Often times the girlfriend will ask the boyfriend to buy something for them or bring home something, but if the male doesn’t they will not be happy. Whenever he does buy them this or get them the need item they will use the phrase “You didn’t