Chimera: Protein and Animal Essay

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Sekhon, Karandeep


Chimera Essay

The process of Protein Synthesis is to turn the DNA to MRNA. All the DNA letters will switch into MRNA in order to make the Amino Acids. DNA is the material that carries all the information about how a living thing will look and function, and MRNA is the template for protein synthesis. In order to turn the DNA to MRNA. The c will turn into g, g will turn into c, t will turn into a, and a will turn into u so it can turn into protein which are the long chains of small molecules called amino acids. I translated the traits to get the codons and my animal is looking like a Grizzly Bear mixed with a wolf and a Polar Bear. There was a lot of Junk DNA that didn't match any trait but there were enough Start Codons that I found for my animal in order to get the codon with its Amino Acid or the function. The Ribosome which is the protein builders and the protein synthesizers of the cell was a really important thing while trying to find out the traits because they can be found in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes.
My animal will most likely resemble as a Grizzly Bear mixed with a wolf and a Polar Bear. It will be living in Taiga. A Bear usually lives in Taiga and so does a Wolf so My Animal will fit in it well. It will be fury just like a bear and a wolf normally are. There is a lot of food like meat for the animal to eat and survive. The Amino Acids best describe my animal to look as a bear and a wolf and the best place to live in is Taiga.
The adaptations of the animal is that my animal will easily fit in Taiga where there is a lot of trees, water, and meat for my animal to live. Bears usually eat a lot of fish or wildlife so I think

there will be plenty of fish in the water and wildlife for them to eat and live. I think that my animal will easily fit into that. The weather and temperature will be good for my animal too because it will be cool with a little bit of breeze, and the temperature will be around 70 degrees.
The traits that will allow my animal to be successful the fur, short ears, and short legs. All Bears are furry so my animal would be really successful in that. Then all the Bears have short ears they don't have long ears, and plus all the bears have short legs. It will be a perfect animal to live in his habitat because all the animals that look like bears and a wolf will be almost the same as this animal. My animal will not be that much of harm because it has a lot of things that a bear and a wolf really need like being