China and India Essay

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Time period: Zhou,Qin,Han
Significant events during time period: large developments of civilizations and cultures.
Society One: China
Political: Through the Qin and the Han periods the Chinese bureaucracy expanded its powers. By the end of the Han period there were about 130,000 bureaucrats that were all trained. Labor service and taxes ensured that China had a strong bureaucracy and central government.
Social: In China there was the Confucian social system that had categories of social classes. They were scholars, peasants, artisans and merchants.
Economic: China traded goods with India to boost their economy. Some things they traded were salt, iron, fish, and cattle.
Artistic: Chinese art during the classical period was largely decorative and it stressed careful detail and craftsmanship.
Religious: Daoism was one form of religious philosophy, which was more appealing to the upper class. The people of china believed in gods instead of just one God.
Intellectual: Confucianism, Daoism and legalism were major ideas during this period.
Time Period: Vedic and Epic ages, Mauryan and the Guptas
Significant events during time period: Large devlopments of civilizations and cultures.
Society Two: India
Political: India believed in an array of regional political structures.
Social: The Caste social system had categories of social classes. Priestly, warriors, vaisyas, traders and farmers, common laborers and untouchables.
Economic: India traded with China