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Chemical- a substance having a specific molecular composition obtained by or used in a chemical process. Solubility-able to be dissolved Soluble-something that can be dissolved; able to pass into solution Dissolve- become broken up or absorbed by something or to disappear into something else.
Insoluble-something that cannot be solved or dissolved.
Solution-homogeneous molecular mixture, usually a liquid, so produced
Solute-the substance you dissolve into a liquid.
Solvent-having more assets than liabilities and something that has the power to dissolve other items.
Mixture- is a combination of different things, or the state or act of being mixed
Filtration- the process of passing a liquid through a filter
Evaporation-the process of a liquid or solid changing into a gas

To separate the mixture of salt and sand first you must put the mixture in water and stir it up. Since the salt is soluble and sand is insoluble, the salt will dissolve in the water and the sand will stay. Then you can use a filtration to separate the salt water from the sand. The filtration should keep the sand in and the salt water will go through it.

Separating a salt, sand, iron fillings, and sesame seed mixture:
1. Use a magnet over the mixture to attract the iron filling and place in a separate container if necessary
2. Use forceps to take out all the sesame seeds and put them in a separate container if necessary.
3. Mix remaining mixture with 50mL and stir them slowly.
4. Use