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China and Japan: Long-term Rivals • Research aim and importance of the project
This research is of urgent importance because it concentrates on the relationship of China and Japan which has been hotly discussed among the scholars and the common people since the two countries had met in the history as rivals.( PJ Smith, 2009) By critically reviewing the different aspects which Japan and China are related, the long-time relationship of them that is the rivals can be determined in the end. Surgence of nationalism in the post-Cold War era of international relations scholars has produced a pessimistic evaluation of ways that nationalism increases the chances of international conflict. (Erica Strecker Downs, Phillip C. Saunders. 1999)

In recent years, the Chinese government has taken in the matter of dealing with the political friction with Japan.( Ali Zafar, 2007) That is, the "separating economics and politics," as well as the rational and beneficial ones. It is a section of guideline to take a limited reaction restraint of Koizumi's visits to the Yasukuni Shrine. At the same time, it can promote the various fields and each level can exchange with Japan. In contrast, Japan's relations with China on adopting a policy of "political and economic inseparable" and engaging in "economic aid and political" can be frequently linked to economic cooperation with China's political and security issues.(Jeremy D Mayer, Heather M Schmidt, 2004)

Recent naval ship visits and exchanges of goodwill between China and Japan suggest an improvement in the two countries' bilateral relationship, which had been steadily deteriorating since the late 1990s (PJ Smith,2009).

• Theoretical Framework

Understanding of the history of China and Japan should pay attention to three points. First, traffic between the two countries' history is a stretch of more than two thousand years of history, which occurred five times of war, but as a whole, the friendly and still is the main line. (David, et al, 2007) Second, the enormous sadness caused by two wars in modern times to the Chinese people has disappeared, especially experienced war suffering of the people are still alive when any whitewash, beautify the words and actions of the war of aggression is bound to Sino-Japanese relations causing serious damage.( Robert Sutter, 2002.)Third, the Chinese side did not forget the past war trauma purpose is to avoid a repeat of the tragedy in history, rather than to the Japanese revenge. "History is solidified reality, the reality is that the flow of history", our behavior today is the creation of new relations between the two countries history for future generations, so there is a responsibility to "look ahead" together to create friendship and cooperation in East Asia prosperity. Historically, relations between Japan and China were clearly structured. (Kent E. Calder, 2006)

The political relations refers to people in social life, based on specific interests and demands, political coercive power and rights distribution is characterized social relations.( Lyle Goldstein, Vitaly Kozyrev. 2006) It is the interaction between the political role and influence, is the political reality of the attributes, and also a kind of objective existence. It is the inevitable product of class society, human and political activities, specific social and political relationship has been formed, it, in turn, the Statute of the people's political behavior.

• The tentative central argument

For two countries, the economic benefits are important, but look at the situation today, the political relations between the countries is still a dominant role. It is not because of the close economic ties that will be relaxed in the political. It is that gold is also a sub-country. (Jordan Shan, Ken Wilson. 2001) So, for us, as led to the economy to boost political relations ca not be wrong, but at least not fully, the economy is also a good way to political pull, and the good