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Overlooking Love Love was the main aspect of China and Jeremy’s relationship, but to what extent would it cause them to stop loving each other? Or maybe it wasn’t love at all, but just lust. Before the couple found out that they were expecting a child, it was all fun and games without any immediate consequences. The pregnancy and the birth of their child is what tore them apart and raised the ultimate question of what their next decision would be and what it would be based on. I say that their relationship was based on lust because through any unbreakable trial that couples face, they will make it and end up back together being as if it were love. China and Jeremy only lusted over each other because they wanted to experience all that they could in high school and with that came consequences. Their act of carelessness led China to become pregnant which caused the two to have completely different ideas of what to do with the unborn child. Because they had two completely different inputs, one would start noticing each and every flaw that the other has. They were not able to love each other seeing one another at their worst. Actions were just actions as they had no significance behind it. They both would say, “Get rid of it.” This shows how both China and Jeremy put aside what they called love to do what was easiest for each individual. In my opinion, having to go through countless obstacles with your significant other is proving how much the other means to you and if it really is love. This depends on how understanding they are with one another while still loving each other and the fact that they are facing the problem together. My definition of love comes from the feeling you get when before, during, and after each hardship you realize that there isn’t anyone else you would want to overcome any adversities with. The love will not be questionable as China and Jeremy’s was. Their “love” for each other was questionable throughout the whole short story. It was apparent when Jeremy wanted to kill the baby