Essay about China and New Government

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Lifestyle Changes in China

Like many other countries, China is in the midst of a major social change. Since the new government has taken control China in 1949, the decisions made by the Chinese leaders are not only meant to help the Chinese to improve their daily lives, but to also change their perspectives on certain subjects. The biggest changes in the Chinese society are women’s lives, education, and marriage. To start, one of the most significant changes in women’s lives of China is the protection of their equal rights to men. Since feudal dynasty leaders have been controlling China from 2000 years ago, women were living in the lowest level in the Chinese society; women’s lives were no different than the lives of slaves. Chinese women never had the option to choose their own destiny, nor did they have any way to change it. In fact, women were considered a sales item to their family, and their only value is to be exchanged to fulfill their parents’ daily needs. In other words, a woman would be sold by her family to become a servant to any man who would be willing to purchase their life or she would be forced to marry some man she has never seen before. In addition, all women were living under many rules, and they could never control their own life. In 1949, the new government overthrew the feudal dynasties. It was only then that people started to realize that women were one vital power in China. Therefore, they raised women’s civil rights in China. Since women were considered as more expressive and passionate, they could take on some jobs better than men could in China. Upon working in the society, women got the chance to control their own destinies. Even though women have gained their freedom for many years, many men still live in the concept that women must live under men’s orders. Yet, many women have created their own businesses or worked for top government agencies for the development of the country. In a sense, Chinese women have been standing in the same level as Chinese men. Furthermore, the new government system emphasizes on people’s education. During the Chinese dynasty periods, women did not have the money to pursue an education. In fact, most people could not read or write any characters in their entire lives. Women did not have the knowledge to realize that they could obtain fairness and justice in their lives. Their lack of knowledge is one of the main reasons why the feudal dynasties were able to control the lives of the Chinese women for so many years. In 1949, the new government wanted to improve people’s education, and therefore formulated a nine years elementary education system for everyone. Then, all Chinese were able to learn skills and knowledge that improved their country’s development. Thus, China was able to become a strong country by these intelligent people. Depending on people’s education, more people were able to join the country’s development. In addition, people’s traditional and conservative views are undergoing dynamic