China Communist Party Essay

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Ben Burwell
Professor Choi
Extra Credit
November 26th, 2012

Is the China Communist Party in Trouble?

China, although a one party state, has many complex levels of government that go along with that single party. In the book China Against The Tides, by Marc Blecher, they discuss in chapter 4 about the complexity and importance of various governmental institutions within the Chinese Communist Party. Over the years, China has continuously changed and adapted new constitutions to fit their changing times. Through all of their complicated political structures the Chinese Communist Party still reflects the main power of China. Although in the past two new constitutions that were written the party was not mentioned, which would indicate a decline, rather has led many to believe they now have more power. In the book the Blecher believes that, “the Party is so powerful it does not need to be mentioned in the constitution. Rather than ruling directly, it works behind the scenes to determine the major decisions of China’s legislative and governmental organs.” (Blecher 97) So now we get a notion that China’s governing body is more of a puppet show than any other government we can look at. The chapter goes on even further to describe how China’s Communist Party came to become what it is today. The first level of the Party was heavily influenced by Lenin’s interpretation of communism. Blecher describes this model as thus, “a highly selective, well trained, and tightly disciplined revolutionary vanguard designed to provide close leadership over the revolution.” (Blecher 97) Within this model there is a little room for democracy but not much. Within their party they all come to agreement on nation wide decisions but once agreed upon they implement the new policies on the rest. At the beginning of this paper I quoted Blecher about how the Chinese Party is not on a decline, it remains consistently powerful however Blecher does not share this view with everyone. An