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There are several points that multinational companies have to understand about China if they want to be successful there. But, there is one point that I think is very important. It is the advertising. Ad is very important for your business in China. It is the way people know what do you selling and how great is it. But, in China, it is very common that your ad can not be shown to everybody. There are a lot of limits in China, such as religion, political and so on. For example, Durex is a famous company in the world. We always can see the product in market. But I never see the ad in TV or internet. Because it is too open and use some sensitive words to show their product. Imagine that, if you are watching TV with your kid and suddenly, TV is showing the Durex ad. How embarrassing it is! If you want to show your ad, think about that seriously or you won’t see it on TV.

China economic tend toward the command system, but has been gradually moving toward economy since the late twenty century. Command economy system, the government could be one person or a small group lenders. In 1949, China became People Republic of China and the government held as a small group of lenders. As a result, the power actually focused on one person- Mao Zedong. He was a great man during the wars, but after, he made a decision that made China’s economy became worse- you could do whatever you want, so, rich people got rich, poor people still poor. In the late twenty century, the government changed. We changed our government become a big group of lender-